BHA's Goat Milk & Honey soap with a blend of vetiver, geranium, coriander, orange, clary sage, bergamot, ylang ylang, sandalwood, jasmine, spearmint, and black spruce is moisturising and smells good, too!  Each essential oil benefits your skin in a special way. (REVIVE's Lioness EO blend is 100% theraputic grade.) Cocoa butter is gentle on skin, and is thick and hydrating.  Mango butter is attributed to soften the skin, treat dermatisis, sunburn, eczema, moisturize, and protects skin from UV rays.


The essential oils in this blend & their benefits for your skin (I am no doctor, just have a cool book on EOs):

Vetiver: reduces appearance of dark spots, helps create a more even skin tone

Geranium: age old remedy for acne, excema, dermatitis

Coriander: contains free radical destroying antioxidants, minerals, and Vitamin C

Orange: help allieviate oily skin, reduces breakouts in oily skin, tones skin,

Clary Sage: anti-inflammatory, controls and regulates oil production, antioxidant boost, protects from future damage

Bergamot: natural cleanser, evens skin tone

Ylang Ylang: balances excess oil production of skin, good for combination skin

Sandalwood: antisepic, anti-inflammatory, astringent

Jasmine: skin re-generator

Spearmint: anti-inflammatory

Black spruce: antibacterial, antiviral

Goat Milk & Honey, Cocoa butter, Mango butter, & Revive's Lioness EO Blend


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