BHA's Goat Milk and Honey soap with these essential oils: sweet orange, tangerine, ylang ylang, lemongrass, Hawaiian sandalwood, jasmine, Ho wood, black spruce, and bitter orange.  Orange zest is added and acts as an exfoliant.  (REVIVE's 100% therapudic grade oil blend is a copycat of YL's Inner Child.)

Essential Oils in this blend benefit your skin in these ways (I am no doctor, just have a cool book on EOs):

sweet orange: antisceptic, antifungal

tangerine: antisceptic, antifungal

ylang ylang: antiseptic, skin-healing properties

lemongrass: natural skin toner

Hawaiian sandalwood: anti-aging

jasmine: moisturizing

Ho wood: (aka white camphor) antifungal, reduces skin irritation

black spruce: disenfectant (antibacterial, antiviral)

bitter orange: cleansing, absorbing excess oil in oily skin types

Goat Milk & Honey with Connection EO blend & Orange Zest


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