Blessed Harvest Acres

Blessed Harvest Acres

It's hard to say "I own bees" when bees are not really something you can fence in.  But, I have hives in which generous bees dwell and, if my son smokes the hive enough (heh) , happily give me a little honey now and then in which I use to make soaps and sweeten my hot tea each morning. Right now, I don't sell honey, but I am working on it!  There are a lot of fine apiaries around the Coastal Bend area, so I don't see a huge need for local grown honey to be available from our farm as of yet.

Together with the generous amounts of goats milk my girls give, along with the finest and most naturally sourced and made oils I can find, I create cold processed soaps "like grandma used to make" or, probably ...great grandma!  I do not use perfumes or dyes.  I DO use 100% therapeutic grade essential oils whose properties are beneficial in some way to our skin.  I also sometimes use lavender flowers, orange zest, oatmeal, or rose clay to give the soap a different use or moisturising property.

Do you have a favorite soap?  Or an idea for one?  Message me and I will do my best to satisfy your need or want! :)  

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