BHA Beauregard von Ruger & Miss High Independence Roxy

Beau as a pup. 

Labrador Retrievers are so awesome!  We got Beau and Roxy for our boys because they both wanted their own hunting dog.  We ended up finding out we had the best friends a family could ask for.  These two are so smart, loving, and atheletic!  They love when the boys go out to bird hunt, but are as excited about playing fetch or just runnning through the fields on a cool morning.

Roxy has had two litters of puppies, and we thoroughly enjoyed raising the little darlings.  The best people in Texas and Rhode Island took the sweet pups home when the puppies were ready, and we miss them, but enjoy the communication with each of them sending pictures and messages about how they're doing.

You can email  us using the messaging page, or at for information.

Roxy as a pup. 

Age: from birth to two weeks 

Age: two to three weeks

Age: four to five weeks

Roxy's first litter, born Thanksgiving day, 2019.

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