Blessed Harvest Acres

Blessed Harvest Acres

Blessed Harvest Bix

Blessed Harvest Bix


a great addition to your herd

BHA's Bix was born New Year's night (1.1.20), the last of the triplets but not the least of them!  He has a sweet attitude and loves to have his head rubbed.  He is available! Please message me if you would like to add some great genetics to your herd.  I will drive to meet you, but I do not ship. 

Our Herd

Our Herd


Whirlaway Farms McDreamy is the sweetest guy.  He loves to have his head scratched and to be fed snacks! He's got some great genetics: TLC-Farms Etta's Doctor Julius sired him and Whirlaway Farms Lissa is his dam.  I am so glad I found him.  He may not be show ready due to his ears being damaged by a ferol dog attack when he was a kid, but his family genes didn't leak out, so I'm so glad to have him. 


Whirlaway Farms Gabrielle is my herd mother.  She is sassy and strong, and loves me, too.  In her own, special way!  She's also got some great genetics and once her kids are weaned off, generally gives us a little over half a gallon of milk per day!

Sunny Bunny

Keith Heritage Sunny "Bunny" is the latest addition to our herd.  She is a new mom and a really good one.  I am waiting to see how her sweet little one grows up a bit before I decide if he will be available. On right is a pic of when I first got her. Awww.....

Blessed Harvest

Sweet Bess

Blessed Harvest Bess is the second doeling I am retaining to grow my little herd.  She is sweet like her daddy and I like the way she looks.   She was born before her brother, Bix, number two of the triplets. A little sassy like her Mama Brie, but as sweet as her Daddy Dreamy.

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