It Started with a Prayer...

In 2015, I knew I had to change something, or I would get too many wrinkles from worry and depression.  I had disappointed myself with a bunch of mistakes and failed attempts at being the success others told me I was destined for.  I decided to just go out in our little back pasture and pray.  I prayed for about a month for several hours a day, and while I was out there, a plan came into focus. 

I would pursue a dream I never considered because it seemed too expensive to even try.  We lived on almost six acres, and I didn't think it was big enough for a farm before I started seeking God about my future.

So, as I planned on purchasing our first hive and our first adorable Nubian goats, I would have never imagined in just a few years we would be uprooting ourselves for my husband's job but ultimately help me realize my dream as well on a larger piece of land even further out into the "boonies."

So, here we are... a farm where I make soaps with the extra milk and honey or beeswax, where we raise registered Labrador Retrievers, and where we garden as close to organic as we can get, as well as harvest wild prickly pears and Texas persimmons for jellies when we can. ...And we love watching the sun come up.